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is in town - Special Edition


Image of is in town - Special Edition
  • Image of is in town - Special Edition

For this issue photographer and editor Martin Zähringer, Art Director Suzy Wood and Casting Director Ben Grimes, have taken an unusual design approach and assembled some of their girls of the moment in one special issue. This is made up form two folded large posters that are nested within each other, making this a very desirable and collectable object.

Wanting to push the importance of person and personality over style, Martin chose to photograph all girls just as they arrived at his studio, phone, water bottle and headphones in hand, and within a self imposed framework of only taking 5 shots per girl.

In addition Hannah Motler, Naomi Chin Wing, Elibeidy Dani, Xie Chaoyu, Alderney Street and the rest of the crew let us in on what they listen to on their journeys. Martin thinks this makes it a music issue. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

All pictures in this issue are all by Martin Zähringer, Art Direction by Suzy Wood, Graphic Design by Elif Tanman, Casting by Ben Grimes.